Truss bridges

Truss Bridge Unit

We just started our Bridge Unit.  I will explain the rules and deadlines for students to refer to.  I am going to also add some links for help.

photo (1)The rules:

weight limit of the bridge: 200 grams

span needed to cross: 30 inches

Any material is allowed except pre-hardened glue or contained gases

The bridge must hold a 3in x 5in piece of wood that has an eyebolt and a carabiner attached.  This “car” must be placed within 3in of the center of the bridge.

Due date:

The bridge is due and should be ready for testing on Friday, May 1.  We will test the bridges the following Monday.

The bridge goal for weight prior to breaking 77 pounds.

The record so far is 121 pounds.

Some helpful links:

Garrett’s Bridges

Balsa Bridge competition site with lots of links

Truss designing online software

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