Bridge Gussets

These are the bridge gussets I hand out during the bridge unit.  They are not required to use and I don’t make every possible style.  I only made these because it can help with a start and I think they are cute with the rivets drawn on.  I recommend groups use gussets on both sides of the node they are gusseting.

I print these on heavy paper (Card Stock) to have on hand.   It is up to the engineers in the group to decide the thickness of paper needed for their bridge.  These are one of 2 resources I make available to the groups.  The other being the 3/16 bridge sticks.   Refer to the Truss Bridge post for the specific rules

I share, with the class, that the best luck we have had is with white glue and binder clips. I have to admit that we don’t call them binder clips anymore.  Instead, we call them bridge clamps.

Here are the gussets:

Google Drive Bridge Gussets

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