Job Setup in Aspire (Material size)

I recommend to first have the material on hand that is going to be carved.  Preparing the material first will generally create more desired results.  There are times when that is not feasible, but talk to me if you have specific needs.

I will be referring to this picture as I proceed:

Screenshot 2015-04-28 14.41.47

Job Setup X&Y: Width and height.

  • Generally, measuring the material you are going to carve with a tape measure will create good enough results for most of our routing.  Small or precise parts may require the calipers.

Material (Z):

  • Make sure that the “Z Zero” has the top bubble chosen.  This is the default. I will make a post sometime about “Z Zero” and when to make the other choice.
  • The number here is the thickness of the material.  This is to be measured with the calipers.  The machine can be damaged if the router carves into the machine bed.


  • Most everything you will carve will be in inches.  Make sure that “inches” is selected, but that is the default and should be correct.

Modeling Resolution:

  • This is optional based on what quality you want your screen to look like and what material you want your screen to be.  This has no affect on your file or carvings.

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