Unclogging the Ultimaker2 3D printer

These are the steps to fixing a clog in the printer or just cleaning it prior to a large print.  This is a good idea to do after an exotic print material as well.

Step 1. Heat up the nozzle to the max 260 degrees celsius.  This is in the maintenance and advanced settings on the printer.


Step 2. Once the nozzle has reached temperature, remove the plastic feeder hose and filament from the top of the machine head. You will need to push on the white collar to release it from the clear feeder hose.  Cut the end of the filament off so there is a clean feed into the printer once it is cleaned out



Step 3. Find about a foot of filament off of another roll or any random section or remnant in the filament drawer.

Step 4. Shove the filament remnant into the machine head and push it through the nozzle.  Likely, a puff of smoke and the prior color will push through.




Step 5. Pull the remnant off, cut off the tip and repeat until the material comes out clean and straight.

Step 6. Replace the original plastic feeder and filament. Good luck and make sure you ask any questions prior to trying something else.

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