Using our Cold Cut Chop Saw

I hope this helps serve as a reminder on how to operate the cold cut saw.  Again, I recommend using the cold cut for cuts that are angled in any way.  I recommend using the horizontal saw for all 90 degree cuts.

The saw: Jet Cold Cut CS-315

A link to the manual for saw


The first thing to do is to create your angle.

First release the angle lock.  This is located on the front as a white lever.  Hit it with palm of your hand to the left to release and pull it to the right to tighten, one you have changed the angle.


This is where you can see your angle measurement: This cut is set up for 15 degrees.


Next, secure your workpiece into the built in vice.  There are two parts to this; the wheel gets it snug and the lever locks it down tight.

The wheel:


The lever:


Next, you need to learn the controls.

This is a picture of the controls:

  • top left red button turns it off
  • top right green button and light turns it on.  (green light means on)
  • middle left button is the safety quick off.  push that in case of emergency
  • middle right turns on the coolant pump.  in this case the pump is on (please leave it on)
  • bottom middle selects the speed: slow (HIGH) and really slow(LOW) are the two options.
    • we have had best luck with steel cutting on LOW and Aluminum cutting on HIGH
  • The below picture is ready for aluminum


Finally, making the cut.

The top lever has the trigger in it. Use the lever to gain leverage as you cut through the material.  It should cut through fairly easy, so if you encounter a lot of resistance, you may want to slow down a bit.



The cut should come out clean with very little burr.  Most cuts won’t need to be deburred.

Finished cut: 15 degree angle cut.


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