Graduate Profile: Demri

A former student stopped by and she is pursuing a career in manufacturing.  Since I just started my student profiles, these graduates never got the recognition they deserved.

  • When did you graduate from Arts and Tech?

2015, last year

  • How long did you take manufacturing classes here?

4 years, or 7 class periods

  • What types of projects did you do when you were here?

I mostly focused on woodworking, but my passion was in machining and my work goals were in machining.

  • Now that you have graduated, what are you doing?

I am at EVCC studying machining and just finished my machining certificate.  I am working toward my associates in technical arts.  I am working as a student ambassodor for the AMTECH program.  I act as a representative for the program and do speaking gigs about the the program.

  • How has this class prepared you for your future?

It definitely is a gateway into manufacturing.  I got to figure out my options and over time I got to focus on what skills I wanted for the jobs I was looking.

  • What has been your favorite part of being in this class?

The versatility of the shop and the freedom to explore different career paths.

  • If you had one more year in the shop, what would you make or learn?

I would work at testing my skills at some new materials that I didn’t work with.

  • Do you have any advice for our younger shop students?

If you like it, do it.

Here is a selection of Demri’s old work

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