Creality CR-10s

When I was making my home shop, I really wasn’t interested in a 3D printer.  I have had printers for years now, and was really used to the Ultimaker2+ in my class, but the cost outweighed the benefit at my house.  I did not prepare or plan for a space for a printer.  However, I have been really happy with my Chinese Ebay laser.  I thought that Ebay might have options for Chinese 3D printers.  For a 1/6 of the price of the Ultimaker, I could buy a machine that has roughly 4 times the build volume and has pretty good reviews.  It is likely not as good as the ultimaker, but with some finicky love, I figured I could get some good use out of the build volume (12x12x15 inches).  This was a fairly small investment into a printer that has a huge upside.  I do not want to review the printer as the internet is crawling with them, but I will share what I build and what I can learn from it.  It was very fast to set up and Cura had settings for the printer built in, so that side was easy as well.  2 things off the bat though, it really needs an enclosure in my setting (very cold and very drafty) and the enormous build plate glass seems warped in the center.  It is lower in center than all 4 edges of glass.  Luckily it was low.  I just made a wedge for under the middle of glass and the problem was solved.  I will likely make a more elegant solution later, but the internet reviewers were pretty accurate on glass warping.  Until I make an enclosure, the raft curl is significant enough to hinder printing.


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