New Changes

I decided to restart this site, just to keep all of the old posts but add all that is happening now.  I realized as I left the shop class I taught that I still love making things.  I have been teaching Kindergarten this year and have loved everything about it, but I go home and still love getting on some tools and making things.  Most of these things focus on what I want in my classroom or for my kids, but really it’s a love of making and tinkering that drives this.  I have picked up some equipment and I want to share my trials of this equipment and what I use it for.  I have changed the domain name to reflect what I am doing.

I do a lot of googling for help and ideas and I am always looking for people’s home shops or makerspaces.  Home shops tend to really focus on wood or metal.  Makerspaces tend to really focus on groups of people collectively using equipment to get to their goal.  I wanted to create the look and feel of the makerspace, but in a home shop environment.  A place to make that wasn’t focused on a particular medium.  The Home Shop Makerspace is a place that I, my kids or friends can make and do the fun of tinkering.  I am aiming to write about what I am actually making and the troubles with equipment along the way.  I bought some cheap Chinese equipment to recreate the tools used in most makerspaces, so this equipment is accessible, but can be very DIY or finicky.  I would never have bought this equipment in my shop class as it could not have handled the variety of users very well.

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