A Thank You

I stopped by a machine shop garage sale on my way home from work and learned that the machine shop was closing due to retirement.  Dwight Koch was closing down his machine shop.  He was kind enough to donate some end mills and other miscellaneous parts to our program.  It is wonderful how much local businesses support programs like ours.  Thank you to all that have helped us out over the years and I wish Dwight the best retirement.  Thanks again.


Graduate Honored

A former student has been honored with a picture on the homepage of our local community college.

Here is a link to Everett Community College and their advanced manufacturing programs.


The student did very well in our program and was also part of the local Goodwill Youth Aerospace Program.  The Goodwill program has done wonderful work with Snohomish County students interested in manufacturing fields.

goodwill youth aerospace program

Welcome Back to a New School Year

Well the title kind of covered this one, but I will try and do some highlights.

  • We have 3 beginning manufacturing classes that seem really excited about making things this year in manufacturing.
  • My 2 period advanced class has already completed many projects after just one week of school!!
  • I am starting up shop club after school every other Wednesday for 4 hours.  I have put them on our school calendar and I will look for a way to embed that calendar on this site.
  • Here is the google calendar

I am really looking forward to this year and excited to see what we accomplish.

Mr. Knowles

Arts and Technology High School Showcase Night

Thursday night is our annual Showcase night for incoming freshman.  Many of our clubs will be there sharing what they do. The drama department is also starting their play that night.  The drama department is putting on 2 plays each night: The Phoney Physician and The Mystery of the Silver Back Haired Brush.


Arts and Technology Commons Area

The times: 4/30/2015

The Showcase 5:00-6:15

The Play 6:30-9:30

I look forward to seeing all current and future students

Welcome to our new website

I decided to move our website to wordpress because of the ability to stream our newest instagram pictures.  I hope to get all of the links up and running soon so parents and students can find assignments of the google drive.