My Equipment and Shop Pics

I have a lot of standard tools, but the equipment I will focus on here is my Computer Aided Making.  I bought some Chinese equipment from Ebay and there were a lot of mental risks to take.  I bought a 100W laser, 3D printer and a CNC router.  I have a ton of CNC and 3D printing experience, but the laser was new to me.  I didn’t trust the Ebay system so much, that I contemplating making all of my equipment.  I then decided that the cost of making matched that of finished Chinese equipment and the possibility of having to rework the Chinese stuff seemed an acceptable cost.  I do not want to focus on reviewing the equipment as this is all I have, but what I am doing with it and what I like and don’t like as I go.

I started off with the Laser.  It is a RECI 100W 600X1000 laser with a 4th axis add-on and a chiller.


Then, a Creality cr-10s 3D printer.

Finally, a 4 axis 6040 CNC with a 2.2k spindle.  There were some other requirements I wanted, but they were minor.