Student Profile: Joey

We are starting a series on graduating seniors that have spent a great deal of time in the shop.  Some of these students have spent what equals 7-9 class periods in this class and have done amazing things and grown tremendously.  These students exemplify the ideals of this program and I get sad every year that I lose these students.

  • What made you want to join this class?

A guy came around to the middle schools when we were choosing schools and I heard about the shop class.

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New CNC Routing Table

We have always loved our CNC vacuum table that came with our Multicam machine.  We have t-slots on 2 of our other machines and dread every part of holding down parts.  That was until we created our own t-slot hold downs (info available on our website here).  Since the use of these holdowns, we have not only accepted t-slots as a viable option, but have found that they offer advantages in certain situations.  The problem I have with most hold downs is the fact that they cover up some of the cutting surface.  Ours do not.

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2 years with the Torchmate 2×4 CNC Plasma cutter

As a high school teacher and user of equipment with teenagers, I feel that we know how to abuse tools.  Like all reviews, each reviewer is sharing their personal perspective. This review comes from the perspective of lots of users doing a huge variety of projects with a variety of materials.  This isn’t a review from a production shop, but rather a learning atmosphere.  Over the last 2 years, we have fired up the CNC plasma about 400 times. We get a lot of use out of the tool.

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Defining our class. Thoughts on STEM, Makerspaces and shop class.

I have spent a great deal of time pondering the definition of my class.  I frequently am asked about what I teach and quickly look for a way to explain to someone without having to give too much background knowledge.  By class name definition it is a manufacturing and engineering course.  It is still the best term to use, but it leaves much to be desired by interested groups that don’t have manufacturing experience.

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